EcoBot open source control station


cheap and powerful control station

  • Widely used components
  • Less than 100$
  • Easy to make
  • Open Source software

What is EcoBot ?

EcoBot is a small unit based on Raspberry PI3 micro-pc board. It consists of two parts:

  • Main block with raspberry PI board & 5V power supply
  • Outdoor sensors block that connects with main block with UTP-5 cable

EcoBot perform fully automatic ecological monitoring cycle and can be easy applied almost anywhere.

    Requrements :
  • 220V AC or 5V DC power source
  • Internet connecton ( Ethernet\WiFI\3-4G )
  • 3 meters max distance between main and sensors blocks

Typical power consumption is 5 Watts, so it really eco friendly device.

    Installation process and time costs :
  • Download and Copy image to SD card - 10 minutes
  • Register on EcoLook desk - 5 minutes
  • EcoBot automatic setup and registration - 5 minutes
  • Installation of external sensors block - approx. 15 minutes

You can make it for free or buy in any prefered place.

Make EcoBot for free

Checkout complete EcoBot unit on github ready for assembly for free.