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Ecology monitoring solutions

accurate and modern way to control your environment

How it works ?

EcoBot sense environment

Local unit with sensors, named `EcoBot` makes measurements with their sensors. It can be easy self-assembled for free or purchased.

Opens source code and ISO image ready for use

EcoLook collect Data

All reports from local units are stored and processed by EcoLook service, so all data can be reached anytime anywhere. All data stored in high precision format and can be represented in varius reports

Checkout ready for use open source Client API library for quick integration.

You control environment

Using EcoLook service you have access to reports, notifications and hooks through web or easy API integration.

With EcoLook you can know your real ecological environment

Checkout Live example on partner's site.

Use cases

Home monitoring

Know your real ecological conditions and air parameters for free. All you need - install `ecobot` measurement unit.

You can easy assembly it by yourself or buy as complete box.

Area ecology situation

Organize ecology and air conditions monitoring of your area in easy steps. Suit for towns, districts and municipal services.

Perfect solution for active local communities.

Industrial monitoring

Make your image more responsible - share info about your industrial activities for community.

Also you can use EcoLook as integral part of your pollution monitoring solution.


Make experiments and monitoring cycles with students or children. Flexible courses from unit assembly to environment research programs.

Presentable way to introduce ecology and pollution issues on real examples.

Invironment monitoring

Improve your harvest and make peoples sure about premium ecological quality of your products. Online info and automatic notifications makes it simple.

Solution for farmers and environment manage organisations.

Web sites and applications

Provide ecological reports and notifications in area of your customers. You can use existing data or imporive coverage with new units.

Automatic and interesting content on your media without copywriting & time loss.

About EcoLook

EcoLook is a service that provide full cycle of ecology monitoring. You can easily create your personal environment control system or integrate it to your existing IT solution.

Our main features:

  • Reports and Data analytics
  • Notifications
  • Flexible sensor units
  • Chat-bot messages and hooks
  • Easy and powerful API

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